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Regular Programs

Leveled Literacy
Hillview School staff utilize a Leveled Literacy approach during language arts instruction Kindergarten to Grade six. We believe the more children read, and the more they write, the better readers and writers they will become. Each child is unique and our Literacy Program provides and ideal way to meet individual needs and interests.

In our Balanced Literacy Program students are actively involved in using literature. This interactive process consists of:

  • Exposure to a wide variety of literature (novel studies, hearing stories, silent reading, shared reading, guided reading, home reading, creating stories, etc.)
  • Responding to literature in a variety of ways (daily writing, class books, guided writing, drama role-playing, discussion, thinking skills, etc.)
  • Incorporating literature into other curricular areas to provide background, experiences and extensions of content.

The above strategies are used to teach the important mechanics of reading and writing – spelling, grammar, phonics, word attack skills, comprehension, printing, cursive writing, etc.

Our enhanced music program allows students up to ninety minutes of instruction by a qualified specialist. Within this program students are taught about and provided with opportunities to perform for students, staff and parents.

In addition to the regular music program, there will be extracurricular activities (such as choir) for students in grades four, five, and six. This group meets outside of regular school hours, generally at noon. Students will have the opportunity to be involved in assemblies, concerts and festival presentations during the school year. All students interested are welcome.

Computer literacy is an integral component of core subjects at Hillview School. All students at Hillview are provided with computer instruction appropriate to their age level. We have a portable computer lab containing 30 wireless Netbooks compliments of our School Council and Woodvale Community League. We also have two portable laptop labs of 20 wireless laptop computers in each for student use. Our latest purchase has been through a donation from STAPLES Canada for a portable lab of 30 IPads Students have access to the Internet, CD ROMS, online references and a variety of software that compliments subjects. Students also have access to SMARTBoard technology in all of the classrooms to assist with learning. The program of studies for technology was developed by the Provincial Government and is a mandated program of studies in Alberta Schools.

The Kindergarten program at Hillview is designed to introduce children to school through purposeful, successful living and learning. This is carried out through the development of themes and concepts integrated with mathematics, language arts, physical education, science, and art. Learning is facilitated through teacher-directed activities, self-selected center time, group work and various “hands-on” field trip experiences. Parents help the teacher with the organization and planning of “hands-on” learning activities and other special events. They are a valued and integral part of the kindergarten environment. To ensure that your child has access to this excellent program please register early.

Some children are identified as having particular needs that require the work of a specialist through Program Unit Funding, a separate division of Alberta Education. Necessary arrangements are made for assessments for these children, parental meetings and proper follow-up interventions to meet the particular needs of each child in Kindergarten. This type of early intervention proves successful in addressing the needs of the children and setting them up for success in their educational lives at Hillview and beyond.