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Student Leadership

All students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the classroom.  Each classroom has two student representatives that participate in monthly meetings in Student Council.  In Division II, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of leadership roles within the school. These include:  library helpers; patrols; office helpers and milk helpers.  


Hillview school staff is committed to assisting children in their personal development of positive character and citizenship.  At HillviewSchool we understand the importance of infusing a comprehensive Character Education program within the Behavior Plan as the two go hand-in-hand in helping children become positive members of our learning community.  Through this character education we teach children the expected ways to behave when in school and in their community, building “A Better You and Me” at HillviewSchool and beyond.  In this regard, we have developed an intensive character education program for Hillview School based on the work of Stephen Covey and his book entitled, “The Leader in Me”.  Beginning in September, teachers will be modeling and instructing the children in each of the seven habits of highly effective people.  Our school motto will also help children remember these traits through their daily actions at school.  The school motto is as follows:

“Today I will believe in myself, do my best and do what’s right”.

Students and staff of HillviewSchool will repeat this motto daily, directly after the singing of our national anthem, which will reiterate its importance in the lives of the children at Hillview.  Other leader habits will be introduced throughout the year as follows: 

September: Respect

October: Be Proactive

November:  Begin With the End in Mind


 January:  Put First Things First

February:  Think Win-Win

March:  Seek First to Understand Than be Understood

April:  Synergize

 May:  Sharpen the Saw

Daily lessons, both planned and impromptu through teachable moments, are used to address character building in each and every classroom throughout the school.  Health lessons will tie-in directly with the habits being studied.  Also, morning announcements will focus on the trait of the month and examples of what these traits look like and sound like will be given.  It is hoped that as traits are introduced at monthly assemblies, parents will join us for these celebrations of positive citizenship and character building.  As well, please discuss things relating to character education with your children at home as we teach similar ideas at school related to character development throughout the year.  This type of team approach to the development of the identified character traits will set a fine example to the children at Hillview about the importance of good citizenship for all.

Ensuring positive behavior requires the cooperation of students, parents and staff – a teamwork approach.  At HillviewSchool, we are committed to ensuring a safe, secure and comfortable learning environment for all members of our Hillview School family.  When students are happy to come to school, accept individual differences and celebrate each other’s unique talents, we can say we have achieved our goal.  Together we are strong and we thank you for your assistance with these important character-building opportunities for all Hillview children.


Students can receive Super “Citizen” Tickets for good behavior, modeling good citizenship and demonstrating kind and caring behavior as outlined in our Leader in Me plan.  They can earn prizes every week, as names of students “caught” demonstrating a positive character trait through their actions will be placed in a draw for a weekly prize.